Дарынды балаларға арналған  Әл- Фараби атындағы  үш тілде білім беретін арнаулы гимназиясы


Class: 7 A

Teacher: Karamoldaeva B.K

Grade:   7A The lesson plan                   II-term
The theme of the lesson


Сілтеме Book, additional information from Internet
The aims of the lesson Ø To  give  more information about shopping

Ø To practice the comparative and superlative adjectives

Ø To develop the students’ skills in reading, writing, speaking, listening and critical thinking

The result of reading Ø They can talk    about different shops, to make a packing list.

Ø They can use comparative and superlative adjectives

Ø They can compare things

The equipment of the lesson ·        Whiteboard

·        Posters

·        Stickers

·        Information from the Internet

·        Presentation

·        Cards

·        CD


Concluding  ideas

Түйінді идеалар

Ø They  can speak English without any mistakes

Ø They will know how   to make a packing list

                             Сабақтың барысы
3 min

















7 min




























3 min





2  min































4 min




4 min














6 min






3 min



2 min


I -stage   Organization moment

Ø Greeting with the students

Ø Calling the register

Ø To organize the warm atmosphere of the lesson



I’ll  give you stickers  and   you should  write  desire and stick on the desire  tree

II-stage    Checking up homework.  Catch the question

 What’s your homework for today? Are you ready? Good. Let’s check! Dear students I’ll ask you questions connected with your homework throwing the ball. You should answer my questions. Be active

Who is your favourite actor or actress?

Where is she/he from?

How old is she/he?

Which language does she or he speak?

Was she/he married?

Why do you like him/her?

How many children does she /he have?

Does your favourite actor/ actress can speak Kazakh?

Does your favourite actor /actress like sport?

Which films did she/he participate?

What were his/her parents?

What kind of student was he/she?

When did he/she start acting?

What is he/ she famous for?

Who is his/her wife/ husband?

What does she/he do in addition to acting?

Do you want to be an actor/actress in the future?

III- stage.  Practice the grammar

Dear friends previous lesson we have  taken the  comparative and superlative adjectives. . Let’s check your grammar. Look at the picture on the whiteboard and compare the things.  Who will be first?

IV-stage. Dividing  into groups  

In this stage you will divide into three groups.  There are pictures of clothes, books and fruits. Take one of these picture.

The first group will be “Clothes shop”

The second  group will be  “Bookshop”


The third group will be  “ Fruit shop ”



IV- stage    The rules of the group             

Choose your leader and time keeper and  write five rules of your group. There is a poster on the desk

V- stage            Brainstorm

Dear friends look at the whiteboard. You are going  to watch a short video. Be attentive!

You have watched  video,  I would to ask  you some  questions. Try to answer me questions. Now guess what is the theme of the lesson.

can you guess?

Where did the woman come?

What did she want to buy?

Did she buy anything?

Was the man polite?

What about the dialogue?

Guess the topic of our today’s lesson?

VI- stage.  Making conversation

Dear students  now make a conversation.

I-group. At the clothes shop

II- group. At the bookshop

III-group. At the fruit shop

VII-stage. Solving the puzzle

In this stage you should solve the puzzle. I have three puzzles. They are the same. Try to solve them.

VIII-stage. Having a rest

Dear students  are you tired? Let’s have a rest!Look at the whiteboard. Let’s sing and do together


5 min










Кезбе тілші


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Making the criteria assessment

2 min


I was ready for my homework. I was active in a group work and pair work. Everything was clear for me.

I was ready for my homework.  I was active in a group work but I couldn’t answer  any questions.

I wasn’t ready all my homework.  I was active in a pair work.I wasn’t active in a group work.  I couldn’t answer any questions.

Making the criteria assessment Mark
Task for reading

2 min

  WB Ex: 2-5 p 32 will be your homework Dear students you were  so active today. Thank you for your activities. The lesson is over. Good bye! You are free.