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Ататүрік атындағы №17 мектеп-гимназиясы
5 А сынып оқушысы Үсейін Арафат
Ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі Төлешова Мұхаббат Төлешқызы

Welcome to Kazakhstan.

Motherland is my home, my cradle. Motherland is the place, where for many years’ sounds our dear language and mother’s song. And I am proud of it very much! Kazakhstan! Kazakhstan! A country, which has a long deep history with a lot of historical events! A country, which has a large territory, different nationalities, a variety of customs and traditions! When I pronounce «Kazakhstan” various and a lot of ideas and things come to my mind! It is impossible to express all my feelings and emotions when I pronounce the name of my motherland:»Kazakhstan”!  Kazakhstan… It is not just a simple country which is situated in the middle of Eurasia; it is the country which is developing very fast nowadays comparing with other countries of all continents. This year is the twentieth year we took our holy independence. If we look through our history, we find out that our ancestors had passed the most difficult times to take our independence. How many people gave their lives to be out of others government! How many wars did they pass to save our culture, nature, different kinds of resources, history and, of course, our nationality? We have to value everything which was achieved before this particular moment, because they did many works, spent a lot of powers on it and left all things for us to use and go on developing our country and to leave it for our children, for our further generation. It means that only the connection between generations will allow people to reach the aims. Only after many years of fighting, we hit a brick wall. We adopted our symbols which are evidence of our independence in 1991, then our first Constitution in 1993 and the last one in 1995 which is continuing being in the strength. Nowadays we are living in the very peaceful, multinational, wealthy, cultural country. I am very glad and happy that we can take free knowledge from schools, colleges and universities. It is the most important achievement of our country and especially of our leader, our president who involved everyone in working with all our powers together. At this moment he is giving more attention to developing of our educational system. He opened intellectual schools in the different parts of the country and the university which is to be supposed similar to the best universities of the world. Lots of teachers and professors from developed countries came there to teach students with their own methods. Kazakhstan is a country of talented and gifted youth.

Now the XXI century — a century of new generation, which will become the backbone of the young state. In 2017 years we’ll have exhibition according to the Energy of the Future. The theme of EXPO-2017 “Energy Future” will let to attract the world’s best energy-saving technologies, technological advances and existing renewable  alternative energy sources.

The exhibition will provide a powerful impetus to diversification of economy and technological upgrading of production facilities along with the scientific grounds of the country. The preparation for such a big event involves the domestic small and medium enterprises, including into the construction of exhibition facilities and infrastructure.

During the days of EXPO-2017, Astana will be filled with the spirit of different cultures from all over the world. Every day various concerts, shows and other entertainment activities will be held at the exhibition. We should pay great attention to study, to try to acquire maximum knowledge. The state of the new Millennium need educated and active people. From us will depend the future of the state. “Kazakhstan necessary intellectual revolution that will awaken and realize the potential of our nation,” says N. A. Nazarbayev. Personally I will try to learn, to work for the benefit of the state, to contribute to the development of my country, the Republic of Kazakhstan.

My Independent Kazakhstan — this is my home, my native land!  I am proud of my KAZAKHSTAN.